Finding footing, hitting stride


Does the world really need another blog full of book reviews? It actually might, but does the world really need a blog where every time I read a book I come here and diligently post what the book was about and what I liked and disliked about it?

I think that answer is a definitive “no.” Especially because my writing here seems to come out all strange and stilted. I love my tone when I write about food – it sounds like me at my best and most fluid. But for some reason I come over here and get all stiff. Perhaps it has something to do with food being a communal thing for me and reading being a very solitary pursuit. I’ve never been in book club, and it’s been ages since I even discussed a book in a classroom. Anyways, let’s pass on the awkward stream-of-consciousness book review for now. Maybe when I loosen up a bit I’ll have some fun perspective to share.

The purpose of this blog is to talk to about young adult books that “old adults” will enjoy. Most of the stuff I’m reading isn’t hot off the presses, so I have the opportunity to introduce people to older stuff they might not have heard about, and ideally what I write about each book will help them decide if it’s the type of book they might enjoy.

I’ve been meeting more and more people these days who are around my age (early 30s) and prefer to read YA books. Books written for a younger audience definitely share certain commonalities – it’s why some of us gravitate to them over other types – but they vary in genre and style almost as much as kids and teens vary themselves. One of my friends loves apocalypse books, manga, and fantasy, but just wouldn’t be interested in all the myriad Gossip Girl-type series being written these days. Another friend wants well-written, genuinely insightful books set in the real world and might enjoy Janes in Love or Breathe My Name, but I wouldn’t expect her to go for the Mortal Instruments series. And another friend likes to relax with books that are more directed at kids or middle-graders, like Tamora Pierce or Gail Carson Levine.

So here in the blog I’m going to try out a review system that focuses on helping you figure out if a book will be a good match – for your tastes or for your mood. And then there are the books that I feel are so great they deserve a try no matter what genre or age-range you usually stick to, and I’ll be sure to point those out as well.

(photo found through flickr creative commons)


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