Existential questions

I keep coming back to the same question – why do I have a book blog? Who will read it and will it be helpful to them? It’s much less ambiguous with my food blog, In My Box, which is about my CSA box and what I do with the produce I get every week. In My Box serves numerous purposes – as a place for me to keep records of recipes and kitchen adventures that I can look back on (we often cook with a laptop open to my blog on the kitchen table), as a place for people to learn about Bay Area CSAs and to get ideas and inspiration for what to make with their CSA produce, and as a collection of vegan, gluten-free recipes (a style of cooking that can be very intimidating!).

But there are so many amazing YA book blogs out there, written by people with much more time and patience than I have. And I don’t need a record of my books for myself the way I do with food – I have my own, very simple record. It’s a list, and each book gets either an asterisk, a 1/2 asterisk, or no asterisk. That’s my whole system! So why do I have a book blog? I know I have some things to say, maybe even some original thoughts to add to the worldwide YA conversation, it’s just a question of building momentum. I tried with my new format of book reviews, but they started to feel dull and not very juicy to me. So for a while I guess I’ll just be flailing around, trying various things. It might get pretty silly, it might get pretty dull, but hopefully eventually my voice will emerge. (Or I’ll scrap the blog entirely but hopefully it’ll be the former rather than the latter…)


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